Music: Gloria Clemente / Mindframe '13 by Ads Antalik – Pittsburgh, PA

AdsBefore you listen, make sure you are ready for some real true hiphop. We have heard alot from Ads and really like his music. He is consistent and from what we hear he will not put out music that does not represent him. Recently, Ads released a new single and yes its another great track. So of course, we had to place on our site. Keep them coming Ads! check out what RARE management had to say about the new single before you read the interview

Though young in age, R.A.R.E. Nation‘s Ads Antalik is old in spirit.  An artist that makes sure to always pay tribute to those who have paved the way for his hip hop style (his biggest influence, Pete Rock, especially), Ads delivers his newest music video, “Gloria Clemente / Mindframe ’13.”  The video pays tribute to the classic movie “White Men Can’t Jump” while maintaining Ads’ modern signature sound, as the young emcee depicts the struggle of using your rhymes as an unknown artist to make a living.  The video was directed by Antuks.

Where will we be able to hear this track?
This record wont be on my upcoming mixtape dropping in 2014 – Its just something creative I wanted to give to my fans.
So what was the writing process behind the bars in this song?
Writing process for this record was kinda wild. It started off as just a random verse I had when I was thinking of a girl like Gloria from the movie, it was actually on a completely different beat that I didn’t like my hook on, but then I just moved it to a different beat with the same beats per minute so that It’d match up. After that I made “Mind Frame ’13″ just messin around on my Pete Rock shit because he’s one of my biggest influences. Once I decided to connect em up it sparked the vision for the video and so on.
What would a performance be like for this song?
If you saw me perform this song you’d instantly know the type of feel im tryna bring back to the game in my own way, especially the hip hop heads.
So, the video will be posted below, tell us a little about it.
Like I said, the concept is based off of the movie “White Men Can’t Jump” – white man out here hustlin to keep his girl Gloria around & maintain. Billy Hoyle is a real funny dude to me man, I had alot of fun with this video.

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