Music: Courtney Love by The Hammer Antics

Why did you select this song as your current single?
It took us a while to decide on our first single and how we wanted people
to hear us for the first time. We eventually decided on “Courtney
Love” because we felt it was a good representation of our musical
direction as a band, as well as one of the more meaningful songs on our
EP. We also sent out our EP to some of our close friends before it was
pressed. There seemed to be a mutual appreciation for that song between
our friends as well. It kind of just confirmed our decision for choosing
“Courtney Love” as the single.
Is there a video for the song? Is there one in the works? What is the
concept? Where can we see it?

We are actually in the middle of the creative process for our first video,
which will be for our single. We’re planning on filming it at the
beginning of May so it can be debuted at our CD Release Party June 1st,
and then be made available on YouTube. The video concept is centered on
the lyrics in a way we believe will express the vibe we were going for
when writing the song. We are doing the video completely ourselves so
we’re really excited to see how our ideas for it are going to turn out.

Please tell us how this single relates to the rest of the album?

I think all the songs on this album have a similar theme of chaos and
crazy situations. Our first single is very much based on those two
elements so it is pretty relatable to all of the other songs on the album.
At the same time, it does focus on a certain emotion which is very
distinct to that song.
What was the writing process for the song?
I (Michelle, lead vocals) had the initial vision for the song. It was more
of a concept and some words than it was a song when I first thought of it,
but I knew I was really excited about it. As soon as I showed it to Jeff
(lead guitar) he immediately understood the vision I had for it and jammed
out some guitar and drums. It was as if he put exactly what I felt the
song should be into all of the guitar parts.
Please tell me what it would be like to see you in person performing this

Um.. Hopefully awesome. We can’t really describe what the experience
would be like because it’s probably completely different for us on stage
than it is to the audience. We definitely think it’s a song we can get
lost in while performing live, and hopefully a song the audience can get
lost in with us. It’s all about creating a connection, that’s what
we’re looking to do with any song live.
Upcoming Shows:
May 11th Club Absinthe
May 16-17th Y108 Hamilton Music Festival
May 18th Lee’s Palace
May 25th The Central
June 1st CD RELEASE PARTY The Corktown
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