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112 jessicaWe had a wonderful opportunity to interview Ani-K a singer out of Australia who is only 12 but has a voice that is way beyond her years. Find out a little about her and check out her new music video “Come on People”.
Tell us a little about yourself
My name is Ani-K. I am 12 yrs old singer/songwriter and guest host on Foxtel.
What are your songs about?
I realize I am 12 yrs old and have very little life experience, so writing songs about  love, breakups and bills is beyond me at the moment.  Instead, I prefer to write about things that matter to me. Things I have observed and feel deeply passionate about.  My first song, Come On People, now released on itunes is about the level of inequality in the world, the unwillingness of the wealthy to share and the suffering of those who live in desperately poor conditions.
From time to time I hear and see someone being bullied which makes me very angry. My song “Just Don’t” is about empowering a victim of bullying to stand up for themselves.  Some of my other songs include, being happy with who you are (I know it), self-esteem (Hey Girl), being a teenager (Like Y’Know Whatever) about losing a loved one (Take A Breath), and the value of good friends (Friend Like You). 
What is your song writing process?
First I write the lyrics, with the help of mum sometimes. Then I put a melody to the song in collaboration with my team. Then the producer produces a track and we record the song.  Obviously, further tweaks are made during the recording process. 
What do you like doing in your spare time?
I do the usual playing games on the ipad, snap chat with my friends, watch youtube videos, watch buzzfeed and almost all things Emma Watson and other movies.
What do you love to do?
Well, I am a workaholic of sorts so I cannot sit still. I usually end up googling, youtubing or going out with my friends. Sometimes its nice to sit with a book and read it until its finished. 
What are your plans for the future?
My plans for the future include recording more songs with different producers and touring in the USA.  I am also currently recording my second Ep.

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