Music: Call Me by Brat'ya

Call Me” is the title track and lead single off of Brat’ya’s forthcoming EP (Call Me EP out 7/29/16). “Call Me” is a song about just that. Waiting for a significant other to show interest in you. Will they reach out? What’s taking so long? The song is all about the anticipation of communication.
Brat’ya is the brainchild of producer Alek Ogadzhanov, a Azerbaijani-native turned Buffalo-transplant/synth wunderkind. With comparisons to Metronomy, Chromeo, and Miami Horror, Brat’ya creates retro-synth pop gems that have easy replayability.
This song overall is a different one. If you are not up to hear music differently, don’t click play and go back to the same old main stream shit music.
Music Hoarder coming soon for people who really want to hear music from the unsigned talent.

Call Me Cover Art
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