Music: Bum Bum by Tada – Nassau, Bahamas

Terneille BurrowsCheck out this great Reaggae/R&B mix song from Bahamian, TaDa.
Why did you select this song as your current single?
I’m a huge fan of Sister Nancy’s old reggae tune “Bam Bam” and wrote this song as a spin off or play on that. It’s the single because I had lots of fun recording the song and making the video.
How does this single relate to the rest of the Album, EP or Mix-tape?
I cover quite a few genres on the “Element” album including pop, hip hop and reggae. “Bum Bum” is a mix of hip hop and reggae
What was the writing process for the song?
I used a similar melody to the “Bam Bam” song that was written by Toots & The Maytals for the chorus, then added fun hip hop verses and collaborated with my composer DJ Kriz to tweak a hip hop beat he had previously sent me.
What does this song’s lyric mean to you?
We have tons of songs out there about Gold diggers and no-good females, so in true “Scrubs” fashion, I thought it was time to do one that reversed those stereotypical roles.
What would it be like to see you in person performing this song?
Just plain old fun!
Could your fans summarize who you are as an artist by this song?
I think so, its hip hop and reggae but very melodic as well. My general style is pretty feel-good and something that you could nod your head to.
One last question, what is your motivation behind your music? 
To make songs that people of all ages and types can relate to and enjoy.

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