Music: Breakin Hearts by Shawna Roxanne

1.  Why did you choose this song as a single?
I chose “Breakin Hearts” as a single because it really describes where I’m at right now with my love life.  I just got out of a thorny situation, and the song just wrote itself.  It felt right.  Everyone else was telling me they could relate to it, so I just decided to release it as a single.
2.  What was the writing process for this song?
The chorus I came up with in the car on my way from a really shitty date with a really shitty guy.  I was in tears and driving home and I just said aloud “If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s saying goodbye.”  I wasn’t looking for lyrics, I was just upset and talking to nobody.  Later on, I was at home putting together a beat and the lyrics just went with it so well.
3.  How does this song relate to the rest of the album?
The EP it came off of, “Queen of the Jungle” is just a compilation of me being really strong, confident…lethal.  What I feel like a Queen of the Jungle should be.  The good part about “Breakin Hearts” is that it shows just a little bit of vulnerability in the bridge.  You can really tell that I’m just reacting so outlandishly because I’m broken and hurt, and I don’t know anything else but to attack when my back is against the wall.  Plus the EP is very up-tempo, so it slides right in there perfectly.
4.  How does this video match your original thoughts of the song?
Jordan Beckham and Antuks just really served it with this video.  I went in there like “I want a bunch of different backgrounds and I just want to show emotion and focus on the song more.”  I had no idea what I was doing, but they guided me and we suggested things to each other and it was more of a collab than anything else.  They’re genius and serious about getting an excellent visual.  The video matches perfectly, it’s no fancy hoopla, just me, singing, showing real emotion.  I love it.

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