Music: Blue by David R.

Following the release of his recent EP, ‘A Million Statues,’ David R. begins the process of unveiling his next full-length album, a follow-up to the critically acclaimed ‘Sunshine.’  Where the last album was an exercise in rough-hewn pop and rock and roll, the upcoming disc is a warm and elegant foray into R&B-infused classic pop and soul. 
‘Common St.,’ which will be released in the spring of 2017, is a deep exploration of Elliott and his families working class background in Saint John, NB.  Delving into substance abuse, depression and loneliness with a slight literary bent, while maintaining an unpretentious general presentation anchored in pop sensibility.
The first single, simply titled ‘Blue,’ is a play on the cliche, but the joke folds in on itself by the end of the song. It begins with a simple pulsing rhythm section, with warm, analog tones and a strong vocal presence, which eventually breaks open with piano, violin and female vocal harmonies.
Check out the single below and make sure that you check out the full album.

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