Music: Bitter State by Fiona Noakes Band – Ottawa, Canada

fionanoakesbandCanadian singer songwriter Fiona Noakes is a fresh face to Ottawa’s music scene. For the past five years Fiona has been writing her own songs and honing her distinct style – a unique blend of alternating manic guitars and indie folk rhythms. Fiona’s lyrics catalogue an honest life of love, loss, and side trips. With a versatile background in acting and a voice to rival the likes of Bif Naked and Tegan and Sara, Fiona has grown from performing open mic nights to crowds of cheering fans at Ottawa’s Big Money Shot Contest.
Cliff Chamberlain joined Fiona in the band as lead guitarist and backup vocalist. Cliff’s experience playing for blues, rock and country bands provides the band with a diverse range in rock driven riffs that compliment Fiona’s high-energy performances.
Danae Tsikouras is the drummer and backup singer for the band. A master at her craft, Danae brings indispensable rhythm and rock beats to the group.
Benoit L’Ecuyer is the bassist and last edition to the Fiona Noakes band. Also known as a musical chameleon Benoit is easily able to adapt to anything musically set before him.
Check out this great interview we did with Fiona Noakes band about their single, “Bitter State”.
So why did you select “Bitter State,” as the bands single?
This song was selected as our current single, as it’s a fast-paced song that really gets you going/rocking out.
How does this single relate to the rest of the album?
The single relates to the rest of the album as it sort of introduces what the album will entail (songs of heartbreak, failed relationships, hurt, etc.)
What was the writing process for this song?
The song writing process for this song was pretty quick.  It was a song of passion that was written with the intent of really being as provocative as possible.  I wanted the song to be as catchy as possible, but also very raw and honest.
What does the lyric of the song mean to the band?
The song’s lyrics for me are a real in your face take that (revenge) anthem to anyone who has ever been hurt or felt used in a relationship.
What would it be like to see this song being performed?
To see me performing this song in person you will see a lot of emotion/intensity and feeling when I am on stage (my band included) performing this song.  In a lot of our past shows we introduce the night with this song, as it really gets the audience engaged and excited.
Can you fans summarize you by this song?
I do think my fans could summarize us as an artist/band in hearing this song, as it it really showcases our abilities as a band/as a songwriter…that we are raw, we do not hold back, we write what we feel, etc.
Is there a video for this song?
There are actually 3 different versions of this song, but for the latest version of Bitter State there is no video.  There are two videos online for Bitter State (original raw version) and Bitter State (acoustic).  Original raw Bitter State’s video is edgy and raw.  Made to really showcase what the music was all about (being daring). The acoustic version (because it really has a different feel) shows the breakdown of a relationship (between a couple).
Anything you would like your fans to know?
My motivation behind my music is based on personal experience.  Song writing for me is like therapy.  I write to express myself/get it all out there. I also write as a tool to help people connect.

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