Music: Bed of Roses by Independent Artist Da Twin Towerz – Kalamazoo, MI

Why did you select, “Bed of Roses” as your current single?
The reason we chose this song is because it represents our “lover” sides in which this is the sound of music that we choose to make the most of.  We were raised by a single mother, so treating women well is all we were raised to know how to do, and we express that in a lot of our music.
How does this song relate to the rest of the mixtape?
This song relates to the rest of the mixtape in a sense that this song is about wining and dining a female and the mixtape is titled “Latenight Etiquette” so it goes hand in hand with etiquette.
What was the writing process behind this song?
The writing process for this song was a really easy process, since taking care and treating women right comes natural to us.
What would it be like to see this performed?
Seeing us in person and performing this song would be like us just calling all the ladies to the stage, then marinating and trying to paint a picture of their man taking them out on a weekend and laying them down on a bed of roses.
Upcoming Events for Da Twin Towerz
June 29th at Legends bar 1027 E. Michigan ave.  Paw Paw, MI
July 5th at Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge 6810 S. Cedar St.  Lansing, MI
July 13th at Shakespeare’s Lower level 241 E Kalamazoo ave. Kalamazoo, MI
July 20th at Spring valley park annual reunion. Kalamazoo, MI
July 27th at Bronson park, performing at the Black Arts Festival. Kalamazoo, Mi
August 16th at Rockstarz 2 1800 pipestone rd. Benton Harbor, MI

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