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Emmanuel Deanda Batter upWith the Pittsburgh Pirates making the playoff for the first time in 20 plus years, there was a need for a playoff anthem. Emmanuel Deanda one of the former lead singer’s of Pretty Ricky stepped up to the plate to help get those Pirate fans pumped up for the run to the championship! Let Go Bucs!!! Don’t forget we are a Pittsburgh based site!
Why was “Batter up” selected as the first single?
We selected this current song as our single because it’s a great time for baseball in this great city of Pittsburgh! It just so happens that myself, the producer of the record J Pad the Juggernaut and Lay Lanskey are REAL Pirate fans! So we got together, made a hot record, put it out and it’s the best thing for these great fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates!
How does this song relate to the rest of the project?
Well this single may very well be a project of it’s own. I might decide to feature it on my upcoming mix tapes or albums. But I truly feel like it has a lane of it’s own. Being that it’s a fight song, it can stand alone separately from all of the other material I have on the way. Btw, I have a new mix tape coming very soon titled “Cuffing Season” Episode 1.
What was the writing process behind this song?
Well, the writing process for the song was very swift and easy lol. Like I said before, all 3 of us are avid Pirate fans so there was very little research needed to be done to complete the record. I know all about the Pirates history and I’ve lived through the anguish and agony of 21 years to get back to these winning ways. So, it’s so much more gratifying for me because we’re a respectable team again and we have a record that reflects this success and the song is having success as well. So it’s very exciting!!
What could fans expect to see when you perform this song?
To see us perform this song “Batter Up” live in person would be like going to PNC Park and watching Cutch knock a game winning home run into the Allegheny! Lol, It’s going to be electric and full of energy! #SkoBucs
Is there a video for this song? What is the concept if so?
Yes, the video is completed for song. We wanted to capture the thunderous energy from PNC Park and the first playoff game at home in 21 years! We went down to the park and got all of that energy collected up into our cameras and came out with this amazing official video for the Pirates fights song! It was a beautiful experience for everybody involved. Oct. 1st 2013 will forever be a historic day in this city!
What is the motivation behind your music?
My motivation behind my music is and always has been the same since I started my professional singing career. It’s completely fueled by love, REAL love. This music is like breathing to me. It’s simple just like that. And anything that I have done musically, I want to give it to the people. The people are what drive me to continue what I love doing, so I’m going to continue to make great music and give it right back to the people. Love and blessings. S/o to Meanstreet ENT. J pad and Tree Shack Studio and Lay Lanskey.

Batter up

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Nov. 1st at club Nalani’s in Ambridge, Pa

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