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Web PhotoGreat new interview with Michael Egleton about his new song, ” Baby, Baby, Baby”.
Why did you select this song as your current single?
My new independent release, A Look Into My Heart, has such an eclectic selection of music, until I really didn’t know which one to select. Each song has a life experience of it’s own, associated to it. Each selection has a different style and genre of it’s own. I wasn’t trying to please everyone, it’s just that the music that was inside me at the time was what came out! It just happen to come out in many styles and genres. I settle on Baby Baby Baby (the remix), produced by Wes McCraw for my new independent release, A Look Into My Heart, produced by Wes McCraw @ Creekside Audio, in Norton, Ohio and Samuel Haygood @ N-DA-Groove Production in Atlanta, GA,  because it has that feel that could put the listener in the mood and mode for listening. Hold them long enough, to wonder what else may be on this cd. Not that the other songs couldn’t, this song seems to have more of a mass appeal right away. It can settle in a few genres. Soul, R&B, Neo-Soul, Blues, take your pick. It would be right at home. Then to watch the effect it has on a listener…. I saw it for myself. What it does to a listener that really listening. I watched the expression on their face and how it moved them to another place and they began to reflect over , maybe a relational situation they may have experienced at one time in their life. This is why I make music. To affect an individual in some way. Whether it be physical or emotional or both. My music and this song relates to common, realistic things. Not imaginary things. How one would like life to be. I wish… It could be…. Do you think we could….
How does this single relate to the rest of the cd or mix-tape?
This single is a part of the whole story of this project. Relationship.  This song is an important part of the puzzle. It’s also a part of my life as the whole CD is. It’s making a declaration of love but if this love isn’t respected and acknowledged, there will be consequences. It reviews the relationship’s past, present and future and speaks to what has been gained through this love in the song. As does the rest of the cd and how it speaks to relationships and the different areas that are addressed and different outcomes that can be had with choices made. Playing A Game, It’s over (the remix), Why Does it Hurt So Bad, Take a Look Into My Heart, Back In My Heart, and other songs on this CD.
What was the writing process of this song?
By telling you this, I will be exposing a part of myself. One reviewer said, “The eponymous album really does take listeners on a journey through Egleton’s personal feelings about and exploration of a variety of topics, including divorce, abuse and sorrow. However, the message of this incredible album is not one of hatred or sadness but one of love and hope.”
– Media Relations, SB Wire (Jun 12, 2014)
Another said, “… Michael Egleton is reaching out to his audience showing them his vulnerable side rather than slick techno – talent…”
– Firmen Presse (May 31, 2014)
This is where this song came from. An experience I was going through with my mate and it was a situation of possible ending a 30 year relationship. I took the actual conversation we were having and put it to song. Yes, the lyrics to this song are mostly the actual conversation we were having that night. After writing the lyrics, I sat in one place all night and waited for the music to come as I do with many of my songs. I wait for the music to come. Only this night I was desperate. I was in trouble, emotionally and I needed answers. I thought if I moved from that place, the essence would never be there again. So I waited. Finally I looked at my keyboard and was impressed to play. Which I did. The music began to flow from my fingers and I tracked it. As the other parts came I began to track it. As I have mentioned this is the remix. The first mix went on my first independent project, Baby Baby Baby. It was good but after being asked by Ms. LaShaun Turner of Urban Indie Radio to please place this track on my new project, I felt I could do better with input from other sources such as a producer. This song touched her in a way until this day I don’t know. I did it all on that first independent project. It was my first, I didn’t have any money for a studio to get involved, and did it really on trial and error. So the essence was captured from one perspective, mine and not very well. This time around I wanted to do my best to capture the full potential and essence of what I was feeling that night and what I was trying to relay to the listener in song and do things the right way. So off I went with my tracks to Wes, and in his words, he understood what I was trying to do in his mind just from listening to the music and that the music did something to him. Wes McCraw agreed to produce this project then Samuel Haygood in Atlanta, GA, heard something that impressed him to team up with Wes. The rest is music history. They both brought their flavor to this music and sent it to another level. 
What does this song’s lyrics mean to you?
I don’t think it’s what it meant to me as apposed to what I wanted to it mean to the listener. As I had stated before, the lyrics to this song was an actual conversation. During that time it meant saving my relationship of so many years. I didn’t see the sense in throwing all the time and memories away over something that could be worked through if given a chance. As in many relationships we run out of time, chances or both. I wanted this to become important to my mate and to the listener. Time is short. Chances are few. Makes sure the decision you make, is an informed, thought out one. Measure your words. Make them count for something.
What would it be like to see you perform in person?
To see me perform in person would be electric, emotional, physical, thoughtful, insightful, full of energy when needed and touching when wanted. Personal, and considerate.
Could your fans summarize who you are as an artist from this song?
My fans could possibly summarize who I am as an artist if they listen to the music and try to understand what I’m trying to say and do.
Is there a video planned and or completed and if so, what was the idea behind it?
Actually there is a video planed for one of the songs. The people I’m signed with, the award winning and BET nominated, Blue-Artists branding and Marketing Group, had chosen a song to do a video to and it was, Why Does It Hurt So Bad, the first single release to the project, Then they heard It’s Over (the remix) and put the breaks on. They decided to wait until I finished the whole thing. As songs began to roll off the music assembly line and they began to listen to the music they were really pleased and decided to just do the long play EPK and feature 3 (three) of the songs from the project. To give a little taste of what a video would be. The director, award winning Mr. Pierre Walters, is a highly qualified and award winning movie director himself. He did the EPK and has big plans for a video. We just have to select which song it will be. You can view the EPK at my web site, WWW.MICHAELEGLETON.COM or You Tube and judge for yourself!
What is your motivation behind your music?
The motivation behind my music is life itself. It gives one plenty writing material if they pay attention. A bird flying in the sky can give one a lot to sing and write about if you look at the big picture like my song from my former project, That’s Alright, The More Things Change. The remix will be on the current project in production, That’s Alright (the remix). There is so, so much that goes on in the span of a day in one’s life until many have gone to writing journals so they can reflect and find out what they missed in that day. It goes by that fast!

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