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Music Exposureby Michael Palmer
Maximizing exposure to your music is the best way to increase the number of sales that you have for your album and or single. As an independent artist it is much hard to do this and you must rely on different cheaper methods to do so that the already established stars. If you are already an establish star, getting invited to play on NBC’s The Voice according to can do a tremendous amount of good to your sales.
For example said that,” Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” exploded into public consciousness after a May performance nearly two months after the single’s release. The song rose 42 slots to No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100, selling 206,000 downloads the week of the appearance, triple the previous week’s tally. All genres do well with the show: Hunter Hayes’ “I Want Crazy” sold 110,000 copies in June, nearly double the previous week; Maroon 5’s “Love Somebody” moved 72,000 in a week after selling only 11,000; and season-three winner Cassadee Pope used the platform to debut her “Wasting All These Tears,” selling 125,000 downloads.”
As many of you might not have access to this we have complied some tips that we have read and came up by ourselves to tell you how to increase that exposure.

  1. Make good music – Tip one is to make a song that people will first off relate to and make sure it has real emotion whether happy, sad, mad, looking to bust someone’s make sure you mean it!
  2. Get a feature and be featured – I know a lot of people already know this but one of the best ways to spread your fan base is to be featured on someone’s track and out shine them. Furthermore, look into being featured in different genres of music. So many people out there just listen to music and will give anything a chance at least once. One of Nelly’s biggest singles was, “Over and Over again” he gain a lot of country fans because of that.
  3. Stop paying for VIEWS– Yes people know you can buys views. If you have money to do this take that cash and invest into Google Adwords.
  4. Blogs – Submit your music to ever single blog and follow there directions on how to submit.
  5. Write on Cash – take that dollar bill in front of you and write your name and single name on that dollar and maybe a social media link, people simple will check out because of curiosity.
  6. Get Help – I know it’s hard to find people to help, but if you can give people specific jobs so that they don’t cross over and give them timeline.
  7. Bootleg – Go to the biggest music bootlegger your know and bring them a official CD with the cover, UPC, Art all that fancy stuff that makes him/her thinks it real and tell them you are next to blow. They will rush and make copies and sell your stuff. Who cares if you are making money, your music is getting heard.
  8. Thank You – Be humble and don’t burn any bridges until you make it.
  9. Visuals– if you are promoting new music online make sure to have a visual. People are more likely to watch with a visual. I don’t just want to see one picture give me something that keeps my mind busy.
  10. Read – submit to everything, who cares what it is…if they want music send it.

The single most important thing is to make good music. If a single does not hit like you want to drop another single and keep doing so. I hope these tips help, if not I will write so more that might help too. Thanks for reading..oh yea if the grammar was bad, sorry.

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