Music Advice: Making Money with Music in 2014

Making money from musicAt the start of every year, many people around the word set New Year’s resolutions. These resolutions are promises that we make to ourselves to improve somehow from last year. I feel that many musician set resolutions to write better music, increase fan base, performer more and last but not least, make more money from what they love to do.
It is very hard to make any significant money from music, as music is probably one of the most competitive career paths in the world because quite simple, everyone does music! Yes, EVERYONE and their mother. But to make money in music you must diversify your portfolio just like every other career path.
So we looked around and stumbled upon this article on and they did such a good job telling us how to make money in music we had to summarize the main part of this article. Just a side note, their article was actually taken from a bigger article by Ari Herstand. Wow, is their anymore original thoughts? Lol
Well here are the top ways to make money from music.

  • Play some gigs and collect the door and make sure to have some merchandise to sell. Bands are really good at this, I don’t see much hip-hop artist and solo acts doing this so much.
  • Copyright your music and place online for sale. Services include iTunes, Amazon, CD baby and yep, many more; look them up!
  • Stream your music online for sites such as Spotify
  • Learn how to write good music and write for someone that has no talent but has the money to pay for it.
  • Music Licensing is becoming huge people, there are so many movies, commercial, TV shows, games etc. looking for unsigned musician to place their music. Your music will cost them less so they want it. Sign up for sites like musicclout, reverbnation and sonicbids and submit to a gig.
  • Do some studio work; if you can play an instrument.
  • Learn how to play your instrument correctly and go teach. Once again everyone does music meaning everyone wants to learn, dead serious.

So take these ideas and go make some money and market yourself because that is the only way you will get seen.  Good luck in 2014!!!!!!!!!!

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