Music Advice: Hashtag Hustle: How to Leverage Social Media to Maximize Sync Potential

Music DealerBy: Zach Miller, Music Dealers
For artists, bands, composers, and producers, there’s no comprehensive walkthrough on how to use social media to maximize the return on sync placements (trust us, we looked!); so, we sat down and wrote one for our artist community to use and share.
Hashtag Hustle doesn’t pretend to be anyone’s one-stop manifesto on social media. Written by Rob Lindquist, Director of Artist Services at Music Dealers, and Zach Miller, Content Specialist at Music Dealers, this guidebook presents a collection of tips for artists looking to bring more attention to their music licensing placements and more value to the agencies, supervisors, editors, and others that license their music. The guidebook also explores ways to increase engagement with current followers, expand exposure to new fans, and partner with the licensees for mutual benefit.
Neither the first nor the last eBook on social media, Hashtag Hustle nevertheless answers the questions that many artists have asked (but few experts have addressed) on how to get better results from your music licensing career:

  • What is the relationship between music licensing and social media?
  • How can artists maximize the sync potential of their music through these online interactions?
  • What added value does music bring to the licensee?
  • How can social media add value to the licensee?

The Power of Artist Partnerships to Licensees
The relationship between brands, consumers, and artists is an interesting one. Signing with a label does not guarantee overnight success anymore (if it ever did). In fact, many artists remain independent and expand their career through new models of growth and partnerships with brands, companies, and licensees.
Artists and consumers can join forces to highlight social issues that brands can play a greater role in. And artists and brands can collaborate to give consumers an exciting experience that they could never get elsewhere.
In all of the above examples, a solid social media strategy helps launch, promote, and build on these partnerships and ideas.
When artists and brands are equally educated on the power of their partnerships, impressions can spread like wildfire across social media as consumers like, share, interact, and engage with the content.
Consumers like it when brands, games, TV shows, and films talk to them about music, and their opinion of the licensee increases when they share similar music tastes.
Hashtag Hustle initiates the conversation on social media and music licensing and provides artists with dozens of tips on how to work with brands and licensees.
In today’s landscape, the relationship shouldn’t end when the check is cashed. Artists and licensees should want to work together to expand the reach and success of the placement. When the artist excels, the licensee benefits, and vice-versa.
That’s just the way the hashtag hustles. Download your copy here:


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