Music Advice: 5 Tips for Email Marketing

WhyEmail-Marketing1I am always looking for great advice to post, write about and read to basically share with the world. When I saw this headline of the first things I thought was maybe email would end up making people hate you. But as I continued to read it all made sense. For example, the only people that will sign up and continue to get emails from you are true fans.  At time we do forget about a specific subject that you love until you are reminded. Hmmm…. but take a few minutes and check out this great advice that was posted madmini

Email Marketing for Musicians – Top 5 Tips

  1. Target Your Audience – Who is your demographic? What are their interests, likes, and dislikes? Make sure your message coincides with your demographic’s preferences.
  2. Set a Goal, and Stick to it – What message are you trying to get across? Why are you sending emails to your fans to begin with? You really need to think about the message being portrayed before you send anything. Remember, now is not the time to try and gain new fans. Nobody is going to read an email from some musician they don’t listen to. It won’t work, I promise.
  3. Keep it Short and Sweet – Don’t you love it when somebody sends you an email with paragraphs of information that could be compiled into a few short sentences? No? Neither will your fans. Once you have a message, find a way to portray it to your fans in a way that will be easy to understand. Visual aids are great way to engage your fans and get your message across easily.
  4. Content, Content, Content – You’re a musician, right? So your fans are on your mailing list because they love your music, or just you in general. Use that! Make sure you’re always sending them links to your music, videos, tour dates, album artwork, etc. Anything that will keep them excited about your music!
  5. If You’re Not Analyzing, You’re Just Guessing – When are your fans opening your emails? What is the click-through rate? What campaigns do they respond to and which ones do they ignore? Analyzing your email campaigns is invaluable for identifying the best time to send out future campaigns. Make sure to analyze campaigns you send to get the most accurate feedback from your fans.


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