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01_xmen_posterMovie: X-Men: Days of Future Past
Movie Reviewer: Danyale Cross
Rating: 5/5
iMoveiLive Rating 5
This new X-men franchise movie starts in the past in order to prevent some mistakes the younger versions of Raven, Magneto and Professor X has alter. They team up with Wolverine and The Beast to bring hope to the future for both mutants and humans to live as one. The message of the movie quoted by Professor X himself states, “Just because someone stumbles doesn’t mean there isn’t hope”. There actions seems to give hope throughout the movie as they put their differences aside in order to survive and prevent an apocalypse of machines wiping out the mutant race.
DF-04508 - Young Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) meets his older self (Patrick Stewart) in the future.
In the present Kitty, played by Ellen Page, uses her powers to travel back in time as she guides Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman, into the future. And instead of using Professor X, played by Patrick Steward, to convince his younger self in the past of his actions and guilt, Wolverine talks him out of it because the only who is up for the mission is Wolverine himself, since he can heal himself of course. As Wolverine tries to bring a message to Professor X and Magneto he comes to the conclusion that they have a lot of making up to do and needs to stop blaming one another and just try to make amends. Wolverine mission was to convince the younger versions of Magneto and Professor X that every mutants future is in danger and their faith and hope for a better future is in their hands as they try to put aside their hate and differences and come together by stopping Mystique actions, played by Jennifer Lawrence.
The setting in the film starts in the year of the 1970’s as plots of the movie bounces from Paris, France to Washington DC surrounded by war, guns, and even highlighting the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The governments theory in the film was that the bullet was curved in mid air and targeted JFK, but this weird analysis pinpointed towards, non other than, Magneto himself which was the reason behind his imprisonment underground of the pentagon. And the plot thickens from there as of how and who helped him escape keeps you on edge. The effects of the film is packed with killer robot machines, lots of new characters with unique abilities and also explosions to keep you excited with action.
DF-21662R - Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) powers her way through a top secret military installation.
The Beast, played by Nicholas Hoult, states in the movie, “Such a small pebble thrown in a pond can causes ripple of effects”, this clearly means that even one person actions can effect time and can either cause problems or bring hope to the future. This movie surrounds around the actions of Mystique herself and the love triangle she’s involved in with Magneto and Professor X. There are some beloved characters in the movie that will shock you when they die as they fight to the very end to protect the mutant race from extinction. The balance of their future, and the human race as well, starts with having friends and enemies to come together and realize how valuable they are to one another in teaming up and putting the past and frustration behind them so they too can change the future for the best.

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