Movie Review: Think Like a Man Too

PrintMovieThink Like A Man Too
Movie Reviewer: Danyale Cross
Rating: 3.5/5
Rating 3 Approval
Alright, Alright, Alright! And the cast from Think Like A Man is back at it again in the sequel, but this time they are headed to Las Vegas. They all couldn’t get any sexy and funnier as they all get together for a special occasion as one of the couples decides to jump the broom and start their lives as being called Mr. and Mrs. The action doesn’t ends there because the ladies decides to have a competition against the guys in having a freaky, but fun time in Las Vegas for one last time before one of their friend ties the knot and settles down. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!, right?

Well, I guess the ladies has proven they can have as much fun and party hard as much as the guys in Las Vegas. From taking marijuana, oops! I mean breath strips, stealing their mans stretch limousine ride with a stripper pole inside, going to strip clubs, and even busting a move on top of a liquor bar while also making their own video version to Bell Biv Devoe song, “Poison”. Things are just starting to pop off during this scene and what happens next will surprise you.
Can you say, “Too Legit To Quit”, well the guys are making their rounds at the poker tables and liquor bars themselves as they try to go out with a bang. Throughout the movie  one of the guys past catches up with him, another one is having money issues, another one is having problems choosing between his career choice over his girlfriend and also one of the guys is having problems in the bedroom and is afraid of having children. All of their issues and problems seems to vanished thanks to the liquors and strippers, well just for a while.
Not only did this trip and special occasion bring them closer together in solving their issues, but it made them all realize that they should not be afraid of living life and learning from their own actions. Even though this trip will bring memories to them, some good and some bad, the good thing is they all survived. Only time will tell before one of the couples in the group will also jump the broom or even have children, but anything is possible, right?

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