Movie Review: The Amazing Spiderman 2

0001_ASM21_posterMovieThe Amazing Spider-Man II
Movie Reviewer: Danyale Cross
Rating: 4/5
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Everyone needs a hero and even a hero needs saving sometimes as well. We are all not perfect and in this new Amazing Spider-Man franchise it sends out a message that hope is out there, so don’t give up just yet! Throughout the movie Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) is haunted by his girlfriend father, Captain Stacey (Denis Leary), in having him to keep his promise to distant himself from her, Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), because his enemies is always out there looking to find and use his weakness against him. Family, Love and Hope is what keeps Spider-Man motivated in fighting crimes and protecting the citizens of New York.

“Everyone has a part of themselves they hide, even from the people they love most. And you don’t have forever, none of us ever do.” ~ Aunt May (Sally Field)
We all know from watching and reading about Spider-Man is that his parents was killed and his auntie and uncle raised him. Well, in the movie his obsession with wanting to know who his father, Richard Parker (Campbell Scott), really is and what project he was working on all lead to clues throughout the movie in letting Peter (Andrew Garfield) discover who he really is and what he is capable of. From being a scientist geek to being a great friend, lover, and nephew all of these shaped him in being a superhero. Even though he is a hero, he is human as well and has flaws just like the rest of us. Soon, Spider-Man realizes throughout the movie that he can not save everyone and that some things are just meant to happen which makes him stronger in the end.
Gwen Falling
Spiderman Crying
This movie introduces three major villains throughout the movie which Peter (Andrew Garfield) fights to restore peace and hope in New York City. There is the Green Goblin/ Harry Osborn played by Dane DeHaan who is effected by finding the cure of the disease that plagues his powerful rich family which his father Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper) failed at. Not to mention, Electro is played by Jamie Foxx who is an Oscorp employee that seems to be not getting the respect he deserves from others as he is seen invisible and weird among people he comes in contact with. Also, Rhino played by Paul Giamatti himself brings about thrill and action on the scenes as he escapes from a penitentiary to rob banks and shoots at police officers.
Simply, we all make choices in life whether if its good or bad we must face and overcome the obstacles that challenges our destiny. As Spider-Man secrets are slowly starting to be revealed to the people around him, the truth of his past and about himself starts to come at a cost of loosing his friend and girlfriend all at once. During those dark days Spider-Man remained in exile from the public and even stopped saving people from crime for a few months. He soon realizes that those days are ahead of him and he must not take his pain and suffering out on the world because they need a hero. Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) overcame his pain and heart ache by living life and giving hope to others while promising Gwen and the citizens of New York that hope is alive.
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