Movie Review: Deliver Us From Evil

deliver_us_from_evil_xlgMovie: Deliver Us From Evil

Movie Reviewer: Danyale Cross

Rating : 4/5 

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Here’s a horror movie inspired by actual events which is revolved around exorcism and good vs. evil of spiritual forces on earth. Whether if you believe in them or not, they exists and by watching this movie it will have you holding on to your seats and make you question whats really out there lurking in the darkness.

“Shut the doors, doors, shut the goddamn doors!”

Ralph (Eric Bana) is a New York cop who loves his job catching bad guys and making the world safe. He is challenged by his gift of having hunches of knowing when and where something is, good or bad, going to happen. Until one day he arrives on a scene that changes his life and his perspective and understanding of his purpose in life and his belief in God as well is being tested. Throughout the movie Ralph friends and family are in danger and his moment of questioning his faith and confessing his sins are showed in the light and it will make you understand as well.

Many scenes in the movie goes way back to the ancient years of having Latin and Persian languages appear as messages on the wall demonstrating as doorways or portals to unknown worlds. One thing Ralph is good at is discovering new clues, but he could have not done it with the help from Priest Mendoza (Edgar Ramírez), which he talks Police Officer Ralph into confessing his sins in order to defeat the demonic powers that threats him and his family. 


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The two types of evil mentioned in the film are Secondary Evil and Primary Evil. possessions and exorcism is exercised heavily throughout the movie and is portrayed to give meaning to the word evil. Also, vengeance is another thing being taught throughout the movie because it drives Ralph to have uncontrolled anger, which isn’t justice, and as the priest states that it always destroys a person. The demon, inside of Santino (Sean Harris) a Marine, he chases after tries to use his weakness and past against him in order to deceive him so he can finish his task at hand in opening up portals in bringing hell on earth.  

The setting of the film is in New York, but the weird events actually started in Iraq having three innocent discharged Marines as the target and vessels for the demon of a cult which possessed them. The violent deaths of strange people starts to pop up all around New York, people killing people or people killing themselves, with no clue of why they did it. A lot of dark and twisted demonic entity of shadows, voices, weird animals and symbols surfaces which makes this movie give you chills up your spine. The song choice throughout the movie was non other than a band group called The Doors which their song, “Break On Through To The Other Side”, brought about strangeness, wickedness and immoral feelings in the movie that set the tone.   



Quote: “ Priest: Tell me your name demon! God knows your name, God knows your number and his name is upon you!

Demon: ….. Juggler!

Priest: By the authority of our Lord and in his holy mane …….. Be gone, I cast you OUT!”




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