Music: Moonlight Bride, "Lemonade"

Why did you write this record?
We wrote the song as soon as we got back from SXSW. Musically It was a collaborative effort. Dave came in with the bass line and we all filled in our parts around it. Then i took it home and wrote lyrics. I definitely feel like it’s a very true representation of what the band was going through at the time. Apathy and boredom from not touring or releasing a record. We Choice the song because it is easy on the ears. It’s short. Just makes sense.
What was the creation process for the record?
There were a lot of spur of the moment decisions. We’d been writing a lot of material for a long time without releasing any of it. We wanted “Twin Lakes” to be a very here and now sort of thing. An extremely honest representation of what we were feeling at that point in time. So instead of pulling from the songs we’d written over a period of a couple of years we just wrote these in a very short span of time (2 of them only days before we went into the studio). I really like it. It was a fun experiment.

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