Model: Deanna Terece – Allentown, PA

So, introduce yourself to the iMoveiLive world.

My name is Deanna, usually people call me Dee. I am a 20 year old free spirit who enjoys showing my personality through pictures and that is exactly why I started. Modeling is my passion, and always has been since I was a kid. It is what makes me happy.
What do you feel makes a woman beautiful and what are your best qualities?
I feel that being happy and confident in whatever you do makes a woman beautiful, if you can stand firm in who you are and be happy in your own skin… THAT is beauty.  I would have to say my best qualities are being personable, adventurous, and enthusiastic. I won’t stop what I love for anyone, or anything.

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Do you feel these qualities will help you reach your ultimate goal in modeling?
Of course, so far there has been a few let downs… but ultimately I love what I am doing and I am going to push through the hard times, it makes the good times so much sweeter.
What is your ultimate goal?
My ultimate goal is to be able to make this a full time career and carry myself independently by doing amazing work, and loving everything about what I do, I want to be different. I want to live my life behind a camera instead of a desk and make an impact to become a role model for Women who are struggling with their body, and be able to have them realize that you can conquer through the media and what you’re “supposed” to look like. Curvy is cuter anyways 😉 Rock on!Deanna
As you know not all of us will reach our goal, what if you don’t make it? How will that affect you?
If I do not make it, then I will make sure other girls like me do… and it will give me more of a reason to push harder… Hey, when one door closes another one opens, right?
What are some of the ups and downs you have seen so far?
Some of the ups would be meeting and collaborating with some of the most AMAZING people ever! They take my weirdness and make it into some awesome pictures. Getting calls and Emails every day from different photographers and messages from old friends keep me going! Seeing girls say I’m an inspiration is the best feeling in the world. I couldn’t ask for anything else. The downs…. Getting stiffed and being broke… There are times when I have no money, but take pictures with photographers because I know in the long run this will carry me and it doesn’t really matter because everything ends up working itself out. This is a job that I am absolutely in love with so it pays off in the end.
Deanna Terece Photo 2Are models nice people?
hahaha! WERE ALL MEAN, no I’m totally kidding.  I would like to say yes.. Everyone that I have met has been super nice, everyone is different. It’s hit or miss just like anyone else… We are humans you know? 😉 I can imagine some are whiny and rude. It is just like anyone else… some are bad… some are good.
If you made it to your dreams, what would you do to give back to other models?
Awesome question, glad you asked. If I made it to my dreams I would give back by sharing the love. I would eventually like to scout models and be the person in charge of setting up different jobs for new models. You can tell a lot of the time who has personality, who doesn’t. Who is willing to work hard, and who isn’t. I would love to help girls at a young age start their dreams and set them up for a life of creativity and inspiration. I would give back the gift that has been given to me.
At this magazine we feel that women are the driving force behind most strong lyrics in music, and thus the reason why most trends in music are created? Do you agree and why?
I agree. Women are the driving force behind most things men do, seriously.  With lyrics, I feel like it is a comfortable way to express your feelings by doing something you love. My boyfriend loves guitar, he writes lyrics that are killer. However, he wouldn’t say them to me on an everyday basis. It’s a way to really show how much you care, in a unique way. Either that or you’re writing about the bitch who broke your heart… either way the lyrics are probably awesome and I bet it’s a  great way to get over that chick ( her loss anyways) . I bet writing a song is awesome, I should try that one day.
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What kind of music gets you in the zone before a shoot?
I love Band of Horses; they get my blood flowing no matter what. Another favorite to listen to is Pearl Jam. You can’t go wrong with either one of them. I don’t like loud distracting music… Relaxing music with some good lyrics make me feel in the zone and calm. Club music throws me off for some reason, just not my cup of tea.
What’s the funniest thing that has happened to me on a shoot?
I have to say that the funniest thing that has happened to me would be when I was at a Studio in Brooklyn, NY and me and the photographer were taking a break.. just drinkin water, checkin our phones… and we look over to the red couch and the dog that was there peed all over the couch and kept farting… I MEAN THE ROOM SMELLED SO BAD. Hahaha, it was so funny. Needless to say… I didn’t get to shoot on the red couch very much. It’s a good thing I got good shots on it before he made it his personal pee pad. Good thing I absolutely love dogs J shout out to my puppies: Buddy, Crosby, and Brady… Love you guys!
Social Media:
Instagram: Deannaterece
Facebook: Deannaterece
Twitter: Deannaterece
Upcoming featured in: Femmexposure’s “Girl of the week” 10 page bikini spread. I’ll let you know when that comes out so you guys can check it out online, or subscribe to the magazine <3
Upcoming shoots / work in modeling
New York- August 6th
Philly – August 7th
New Jersey- August 9th
PhotosOnCall: August 11th
Lee McConoughey: August 12th
Puerto Rico- October 12th-14th
Contact for work:
I use my email for everything.

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