Mixtape Listen: Somewhere Further Than Here by Steff Marvin

It is with pleasure that we announce Steff Marvin as the winner of March 2016’s installment of Exposure Open Mic. His performance was awesome and really impressed the judges.
Meet Indianapolis rapper Steff Marvin with his new tape, Somewhere Further Than Here. Marvin grew up as a student of jazz and eventually began producing boom-bap beats for local artists, before deciding to pursue a rap career while in college. His first project, Legends Never Die, earned him some respectable buzz for a debut tape, though Marvin soon found himself moving away from the old-school, lyrically-minded focus of LND in favor of a more cutting-edge sound, which he has brought with full force on Somewhere Further Than Here.
His new style is one that blends quick, fiery bars with radio-ready hooks, on which he shows off a rare ear for melody à la some of the biggest crossover stars in today’s game. It’s impressive he’s been able to adapt his style in such a short time, and what’s more, he produced every track on Somewhere Further Than Here. The productions range from booming club beats to moody, late-night R&B soundscapes. After “Kill The Noise” starts to play, you’ll have no issue sticking around for the remaining 9 tracks.

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