Music: Melody Joy, "Revenge"

I made a beautiful electronic/dance beat with Protools And the lyrics just flew out of me. It was about having so much anger, pain and revenge seeping through your veins that it manifests itself into a poltergeist, ultimately creating Karma it’s about getting even without even having to do anything. About the pain coming back to bite someone in the ass 🙂 It means alot to me. Because after making this song i was so proud of it. The lyrics are angry, the beat is happy, it’s every single bipolar opposite end of beautifully unique.
Upcoming Shows are January 6th 2012 at the Hideout Tickets are $5. I’m Headlining
and January 27th 2012 i am performing at Sneaky Mike’s EP Release at the Rex $7, $10 at the door
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