Music: M.A.C. Cartel Present's: Ray Ray – Single Lyfe

PROJECT!!! Single Lyfe came about because my ex was getting on my nerves at the time…I devote my whole life and sacrifice everything when it comes to music and that included some of her time…Coming in late night from a show didn’t help either lol…Any chance I get to network and promote M.A.C. CARTEL I have to go hard for us to get to where we tryna go!!! Facebook and twitter is a great marketing tool for us but to my ex Facebook aint nuttn but a playground to get girls…We had a blow out about my Facebook and that’s what led to the concept of the intro to the video…Just wanting to make music and having someone tell me that I spend too much time following my dreams makes me feel like they don’t see my talents the same as me…I felt like if I was single then I would get there faster and less stressed…I wrote the song without a beat then hit up a local producer Tony Fingaz and told him I need a beat for dis jam…I spit the song for him and he did what he do…Oh boy did he create a banger!!! I chose Single Lyfe as my single because its me 100% and I knew the people who knew me would love it and appreciate it more…Project is a person, my bro, R.I.P. RON…When you here me say Project in an intro, verse, ad-lib, I’m shout n my bro out…I’m also from the NVH Projects…Project music is how I grew up, Project Livin…Follow us…M.A.C. CARTEL…We have great artist and great music…M.A.C. nd I’m out bitches!!!

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