GOSI Model: Romy Nedjie

Please give a background on who you are and why you think modeling is the path for you?
I’m Romy & I’m originally from Haiti, in the Caribbean Islands. I came to the U.S. at 8 years old & I was seriously America’s biggest fan when I got here! When I was 13, I thought I wanted to be a chef so I went to a technical high school and took up Culinary Arts. I was a bit of a dork and quirky back then, but years later, once I accepted this and didn’t fight it, I found out that people actually like that about me. So I’m still a dork to this day. A few years went by and when I decided I didn’t want to be a chef anymore, I went on to Penn State to study Psychology. I always had a secret passion for entertainment though so my first year at school I went to my first photo shoot and after some positive feedback, I just went with the flow of the hobby until I realized I really, really have a passion for the entertainment world! Since then I’ve been a feature model for websites, done fashion shows, calendars, card decks, promotional work, and music videos. In between all of this, I decided to pursue acting and starred in some local plays and music videos, and have been featured as an extra in movies like Sorority Row and Warrior starring Nick Nolte. I also decided that since I write music, why not record them? So I got into music and have been a featured artist and also recorded songs of mine that I actually groove to. When I’m not immersed in the entertainment world though, you can find me hanging out with friends, jewelry-making, playing volleyball, blogging, or keeping up with my favorite reality t.v. shows. The entertainment world’s definitely the path for me; I have what it takes and the passion for it, it’ll open up so many more doors for other goals I have for my future, & I’m not a fan of 9-5 desk jobs.


What do you think appeals to a woman the most when listening to a song (voice, lyrics,and or instrumental) and why?
Depending on the type of song, like a love song for example, at least for me, a fitting voice, flow, lyrics & overall creativity are more so appealing. The beat doesn’t matter so much as long as there’s some sappy lines in there that I can relate to or think is cute. As for more upbeat music like a club banger, unlike guys, I think we care more about the beat 1 b/c where a guy might think it’d be cool to imagine telling a girl what an artist like Lil’ Wayne says to a girl in much of his songs, I’d rather not listen to an artist talk about how “she lick me like a lollipop” and appreciate that there’s a good beat I can at least dance to sheltering the at times degrading lyrics. The same goes for more opinionated rap songs; my gangster vocabulary is somewhat limited so chances are I’m skipping over your song just b/c I can’t dance to the beat & I don’t understand your metaphors that are actually good to a guy’s ears (but I do try sometimes!). My only explanation for this is that women are from Venus and men are from Mars.


What type of music are you willing to spend your hard earned money on?
Music that captures & explains my emotions when I can’t find the words to do so myself. Most artists can write club hits to drink and party to, but to be able to affect someone with your music emotionally, that’s pretty valuable.


At this magazine we feel that women are the driving force behind most strong lyrics in music, and thus the reason why most trends in music are created? do you agree and why?
I disagree. Women do have strong lyrics when it comes to love songs particularly, like Taylor Swift & the never forgotten Shania Twain, but lately the trend on the radio is usually Rihanna & Drake or Rihanna & Chris Brown, Rihanna & somebody, or some other male/female artist etc talking about sexing it up & I feel like that’s b/c of the music that male artists have long before been coming out with that makes these female artists release more provocative songs to stay relevant and in the competition.


What music makes you move?
Dub-step. Pop, hip-hop. Most of Shania Twain’s music.


What do you feel you will have to do in modeling to make you feel you have made it?
I’ll definitely have to get paid like I made it & be able to help my mom & brother out financially through my efforts. They’re a big part of why I want to make it, to give them the things that we never had, that I know they deserve. Whether I make the A-list or not, as long as I make enough money to do just that, I’ll be so happy.


If you made it to your dreams what would you do to give back to other models?
Self-esteem build-up from the start of their career b/c that makes such a difference in going after your dreams and your photos and the art of posing.


What makes a women beautiful?
Accepting and loving others and herself and always trying to better herself for herself and for those around her. But mostly, a manicure! a.k.a. knowing she’s worth it & treating herself every once in a while.


What are your best qualities?
Physically, my eyes and smile. As for everything else, when I’m dedicated & determined to achieve something, I usually achieve it no matter what the obstacles; I also try and accept people, places and things as they are. Just being chill and laid back, and being kind to others. It’s hard sometimes but it makes me feel good knowing I’m treating others as I’d like to be treated. Plus, you never know what a simple act of kindness could mean for someone who’s having a bad day. How many times have you had a bad day and some stranger just smiled at you sincerely out of the blue & your mood elevated?


Any final Thoughts?
I want a puppy for my birthday SO bad! So….if anybody wants to get on that, I’m perfectly okay it. Enjoy life, love & respect 🙂

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