Music: Lazy JP, "All Fall Down"

The concept of ‘All Fall Down’ came from a lack of respect from my peers and the hip-hop community. I wanted to show off my ability as a lyricist and a singer to prove that I can figuratively “kill them all” lyrically, creatively, and musically. I used the children’s poem ‘Ring around the Rosie’ as the chorus because it is actually a poem from the dark ages describing the Bubonic Plague. The plague spread quickly and killed mass amounts of the world’s population which is a metaphor for what I’m trying to do. Spread viral and defeat the competition. Basically, this my manifesto that I am here, this is what I do, I’m not going anywhere, and no man can stop me. I chose this is my single because I feel that it has catchy melodies with clever punchlines but still has a deeper hidden meaning which makes it applicable to a wide audience. I try to make music that will resonate with the college student, the blue collar worker, and the streets because in today’s society sometimes it all blurs together. I’m a full time student with a full time job with an obsession with hip-hop. I don’t make music for parties or clubs, I make music for human beings.

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