Music: The Rebirth by Klasik The Masterpiece – Johnstown, PA

The Rebirth, was completed at a time of transition in my life. I recorded “The Rebirth” in 2005, so the song is currently four years old, but still as powerful today, as it was then. At the time, I was a young artist, signed to an independent record label, in which I spent 3 years prior attempting to get my music heard. The label never pushed any of my music; consequently, I became discouraged about continuing to pursue a career in music. I had issues with my family, friends, and spent quite a long time feeling alone. The Rebirth, came to me one day as I was sitting in the studio, listening to some old school Hip-Hop, and became inspired. I sat an analyzed my life, and summed it up in 3 verses. I laid the track down myself, running back and forth from the booth to the sound board. Never had I ever felt so passionate about a song, I assume that is why it is still so powerful now.
The Rebirth is broken down in three verses, the first verse explaining how life was growing up with my family, and how hard my mother and father had it; marrying at a young, they received a lot of criticism for being together. My father’s parents disapproved of the bond that he and my mother shared, and those issues still exist today. The second verse explains my relationship with the group that I was in while signed to an indy label. I paid respects to my predecessors, and gave reason why Hip-Hop needs to remember its roots to be able to flourish in the future. The third verse is a self-discovery. This is where I analyzed all of my decisions up to that point in my life, and took a look at myself and my faults. I’m not perfect by far, none of us are, and with the last verse I attempted to connect with the audience. Judge me, not by my past or circumstances, but by my current actions and character. The message I wanted to get across is; no matter what a person may go through in life…no matter the trials or tribulations that one may face, continue to hold on. The only constant in life is change, so keep the faith. We all experience a personal “Rebirth” at some point in our lives.written.

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