Music: Karen Waldrup – Whiskey Straight

Why did you select this song as your single?

I love this tune “Whiskey Straight,” because it is fun and ready for the summer! As a female folk rock country touring artist, I find it is helpful for my voice when I take a small shot of whiskey before I sing each night on the road.The song is a confident female singing of “toughness” which is symbolized by the fact that she can “Drink her Whiskey Straight”. It’s a fun bar song and as my artist career takes me nationwide touring, I love singing this song live! It’s the single because it is the fans favorite song from the record. I released it on May 1st and let the fans decide what they liked best before deciding which song was the “single”. The people that listen are the driving force behind my artist career and they have truly connected with this song. I think it is because it is just not that serious. It’s fun, upbeat and the key changes during the tune. I was a little nervous of the release of this tune because I did not want women to think this New Orleans native was encouraging alcohol abuse. But, there is a fine line between admitting that whiskey straight is your favorite drink and knowing your limits, and abusing alcohol. In this song, she is confident and tough but disciplined enough to dance and sing like no one is listening and having a good time. It’s just simple and easy. It’s the easiest song on the record!
 What was the writing process like?
My songwriter, Mel King, came to me with this idea a year before we wrote it. I had so many other ideas that I was skeptical about writing a tune about drinking whiskey straight. But then I realized it was REAL and when I was on Bravo TV’s Platinum Hit in 2011, artist Jewel encouraged me to only write songs about things I KNOW ABOUT. I know about Jack Daniels, Gentleman Jack and Knob Creek, so why not write about it? And I’ve found that Jewel was right. People connect with TRUTH. The song was written in my living room in Nashville on a Saturday night. After we wrote it, we took a small shot of Whiskey Straight to celebrate. It’s just real and honest and I think people love authenticity in music. I sure do!
How does the song relate to the rest of album?
The album title is “The Beginning” and it’s about deciding that right now is the beginning of your life. It’s not about me it’s about the listener. For each person to develop the confidence enough in themselves and in their lives to say, “I can start over and now is the time to do it!” It feels so good to sing the title track “The Beginning” on the road and share the ultimate message of encouragement and hope. There are too many people in the world that feel depressed and as if there is no solution and they are wrong. We just have to decide to start over. We just have to decide to make a change and smile. The single “Whiskey Straight” is that confidence of being who you are and believing in the person you are and want to be even if it’s symbolized by the fact that people perceive you as something else. “I may be sweet, but I like to drink my WHISKEY STRAIGHT”. I feel this album is my best one yet and can’t wait for you to listen!
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