Music: Jesse Mader "J.James," Follow My Flow

Why did you chose this song as your single?
I chose “Follow My Flow” for a single mainly because of it’s energy and fusion of musical styles. The mix of rock and hip hop is always fun to play with — and it’s a song that doesn’t require too much thinking. Just throw it on and take the ride!!! I’m also told that it’s fun to sing along to once you catch on. I tend to write a lot of deep and sometimes complicated lyrics — this one was a bit lighter and more fun.

What was the writing process like for this song?

Well, this song, “Follow My Flow” never really intended to be a lead single… It was originally intended to endorse a clothing line by creations called “Flow Apparel”… but that never worked out all the way. The track was first composed electronically at my home studio, and then rebuilt at Mindbender’s studio — and i wrote the hook and some of the lyrics to those versions. And one night we had some liquor, a bad-ass drummer, and a wicked electric guitarist up at Mindbender’s, and we just kind of let loose on the track. The riffs you hear were all built spontaneously and we loved the controlled chaos feel. It changed the whole vibe of the song, and inspired me to write a second verse. And as for the video, we just wanted it to capture the energy and movement of the song. The idea of multiple Jesses was always something I wanted to pull off on camera. We had a blast filming it.
How do you describe your music and please add links and up coming events?
It’s tough for me to sum up or label my style of music, but we’ve been calling it “Urban Rock.” The foundations of the songs are hip hop, rock and pop. These were my main influences growing up. I’ve grown through so many different phases as a writer that it’s hard to stay in one place musically. I just love to experiment with new sounds and work with talented musicians to help bring the songs to life. My last mix-tape, “J.James Underground” featured a lot of sample-driven songs and lots of hip hop elements and wordplay. My current album in progress (working title is “Breath By Breath”) features more contemporary hip hop storytelling and pop arrangements — it’s more moody. I just love creating music.
The new “Follow My Flow” video is available to watch at: or
The new single “Follow My Flow” is available now on iTunes at this link:
More info and free music downloads are available at the official Jesse Mader sites:

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