Is Crush a Breakout Hit?

Amassing over 7 million hits and rising on Soundcloud “CRUSH” might end up being the major breakout for ¬†GARCY420. Listen to the track below and make sure to leave a comment of what you think will come of this track.
So, tell us why you selected ” Crush” as the single?
I chose crush for its fast tempo, toe tapping melodic feel good song that lets the 1st time listener singalong with the song.
Does this follow the rest of the theme of the album?
Basically the theme of my album is based on relationships and the highs and lows of love, and the song “CRUSH” relates to the highs of being in love. It’s always best to remember the positives before negativity creeps in.
How does this relate to the rest of your work?
I was searching for an uplifting and positive spin that relates to having a huge crush on someone.
Tells us about the lyrics.
The lyrics are short, yet powerful. In order to capture the heart racing, infatuated feeling, the lyrics had to be raw but melodically romantic. A adolescent, pubescent , never heartbroken, too eager, romance.
So are the live shows, lit as the kids say?
Live shows brings out this raw energetic vibe within myself depending if I’m playing guitar or just singing with a microphone, the latter gives me more freedom to dance and express the mood of the song at the same time reverting back to the guitar lets me catch my breath and gives me time to compose myself before I grab that mike and have fun.
What does this song say about you?
This song just shows a lighter brighter side of me that doesn’t surface much in reality, my diversity and double meaning lyrics, keeps
Is there a video on the way?
There is a novelty video that compliments this song, YouTube, google+, Facebook just GARCY420 on one of these sites to view.
Last question, what your motivation?
My music is a collaboration of my moods over years of trying to understand them, positive, energetic
Melodic blend fused with live instruments and a backdrop of sample sounds and drum beats. Where guitar leads align with dance, techno, edm etc or drum rolls accompanying sampled drumbeats to lay the foundation for a hip hop song played live with real instruments.
Thanks! we appreciate you sitting down with us and telling us about the record. Come back soon when you feel you have something else the mass public needs to hear ASAP.

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