Indie Music News: Neelais Puts a Positive Spin on Hip Hop

When people think of hip hop, various things come to mind. Some instantly think of lavish lifestyles, others may imagine an urban landscape and then there are the ones who may just associate it with abrasiveness. That’s what Neelais wants to change. He’s been making music for years now and his main mission is pushing positivity out into the world with his rhymes and his latest, Beats & BBQ.
With a history with reggae and a passion for hip hop, Neelais soon found that combining them was perfection. When it comes to his latest album, this Denver rapper says, “It’s unique in that it combines elements of hip hop, reggae, and world; very eclectic and organic sounding compared with other hip hop.”
After spending years involved with various bands and projects, it was time for Neelais to fly on his own. Which wasn’t hard since he was coming with a knack for controlling his vocals and a bag full of other tricks such as producing, DJing, and playing not one, not two but several instruments.
Those interested in Neelais can check him, and his latest album out online.
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