Indie Music News: JusXJustice Releases His First EP, "The Crow"

After winning listeners over with conscious songs like “It Be Okay” and  “Black Boi,” JusXJustice has unveiled his debut EP The Crow available online wherever digital music is sold.
The Crow has been dubbed, what is known as, Double R&B (Rap, Rhythm and Blue) with mellow tunes and catchy lyrics that transition from rap to singing, that it is sure to put you in chill-mode. JusXJustice takes listeners on a personal journey as he concurs life’s problems and love’s problems with a pen, pad and microphone. Every story has been told a million times over, however; he shows listeners just how talented his “pen-game” really is as he displays a knack for clever word-play and addictive melodies that make you want to sing along.
As if people aren’t already talking about JusXJustice, he’s giving them more to buzz about. His latest single, “So Am I” is already a hit with the ladies, as he shows a more vulnerable side, exposing relationship insecurities and the fear of being betrayed by a lover.
The 2015 International Songwriting Competition (ISC) semi-finalist is growing steadily on streaming networks and building an organic fan-base. The Crow debuted on ITunes top 20, new music chart and he’s been featured on top blogs: RNBass, The Hype Magazine, and international blog site Cash Back Mafia. JusXJustice poetical has no limits we will see if The Crow is the beginning of a long and successful career.
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