Indie Music News: Freddy Inglewood Takes Listeners Into the Depths of His Environment

Freddy Inglewood walks listeners through life in urban areas by detailing the experiences, interactions, and pitfalls of growing up in America’s forgotten areas, and touching on everything from being a family providing hope to being an  underachieving anchor.
Freddy Inglewood gives fans the highs and lows of being a ghetto kid trying to change their fortune while navigating the dangerous elements, and slipping too deep into others. The picture he paints is one of achievement, disappointment, celebration, and sorrow all while remaining hopeful of better days to come. An ability to uplift the moods of listeners while keeping a harsh realization of life being a constant struggle in tact. People can find his latest project, Local Tourist 3, streaming online on Soundcloud.
Local Tourist 3 has been in delay for over a year. A period of time that led to him finding new management that works on behalf of his best interest, and only amplifies his hunger, because he has been on mute for much of that time. His new manager describes Freddy as “Polished, born with a gift of writing, hearing music as a theme to a never ending soundtrack in his head to a story that has yet to reach its full glory.”
This album will define a time in Freddy Inglewood’s career where his musical aspirations are finally met by his own personal self actualization. Local Tourist 3 was released July 8, 2016 to listeners everywhere.
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