Indie Music News: Classic Has a Trio of Goodies

Michigan born and raised, the state’s rich history was just piece of the puzzle that came together when it came to influencing a young Joel Meeks aka Classic. This emcee got into hip hop back when acts like LL Cool J, Public Enemy and Tupac were coming up. With those sounds filling his head with rhymes, he soon went from a fan to aspiring rapper. Aspiring soon transformed into an indie wonder as he started to gain notoriety among his peers including Black Wall Streets “Juice,” Willie The Kid, and Skyzoo.
With six records to his name already, Classic continues to crank out the music. This year along he has three releases planned; Back To The Past II, The 13th Letter “M” and Lake Michigan. Two mixtapes and an EP, this hardworking rapper has called a lot of cities home, Phoenix, Houston, and D.C. but it’s clear that his heart will forever be in Michigan as he consistently shining a light on where the Great Lakes lay.
Last summer he spent some time on the road on the 7th Get Money Stop Hating tour, and he returned to give the 8th one a go this past March when it stopped through Austin, Texas. Making fans from coast to coast has never been a problem for this rapper, as he says people continue to be drawn to his lyrics that “relate to the common person and the top scale of life as well.” Basing his material on what he’s gone through keeps him grounded and hungry for more.
Those interested in Classic can check him out online. Keep an eye out for his trio of records dropping throughout 2016.
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