So we got a sneak peak to some new music from new artist, “Flaw.” This young artist may have something on his hand and we wanted to introduce him to you our audience first. Check out this interview and get to know this man as his team has something special planned.
What is your Artist name and why?     
My artist name is “FLAW” which means Forever Loyal and Wise, I’m representing the name for myself because everybody has flaws but its up to you to learn from them, and stay true/loyal to yourself and learn as much as you can even when you think you know it all, there’s always room for growth.
Which city do you represent and how important is your hometown to you?
I represent the city of Birmingham, and the state of Alabama because that’s where I was the majority of my life, this place is very important to me because i grew up with a lot of people there and was very involved in sports, talent shows, and of course very known for my ability to rap. The bad and good times is what gives you that spark to want to put on for your city! The kids are what inspire me the most.
 Is it really that important for a rapper to represent a town to introduce himself to the public?
Yes, I think its that important for a rapper to represent there town because it lets followers know where you come from and also lets the people from the town rock with you because you representing and doing something positive to expose the roots of where you come from. It really shows respect and dignity to want to give back to your community.
What kind of music did you listen to growing up that had an influence on your choice to become an artist?  
Rap music had a big effect on me growing up because of the competitive nature it brought out of them as far as creativity, battling, word play and different mc’s that were dope like Tupac, Biggy smalls, Ice Cube, and the list goes on.
 Who is on your wish list of people to work with and why?
I would love to work with Moneybagg Yo, Young Jeezy and a couple of young artists like NBA Youngboy, and Kodak black because these artists I can relate to a lot in the music industry.
You are signed to Florida-based label GIG Music Group. Why did you decided to work with them?
Because they recognize the talent that I have and they show me each and every day that they believe in me to become the greatest artist that I can be. They helped me understand ups and the downs of the business and that I have to work hard to get to the top.
 What is your vision for your career as a recording artist?    
My vision is to get better and better at what I do!
What are your next steps? Where do you see your career 2 years from now?
My next step is to get out quality music and build my fan base larger than I can imagine and in 2 years I will be a great performer and a person that other artists will love to work with.

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