Quantum Split

“America” is the new single from quantum Split.
Why did you select “America” as your current single?
SL: America is a song that the country needs right now. To understand that just because we may
be different, the one thing that unites us, is this land. Also to spread love no matter what race,
gender, sexuality, culture or any other difference.
AR: The suffering and separation that our country is facing right now is real real real. America is
a song about embracing and overcoming that pain and suffering, while keeping an eye on the
bigger picture. We are in this together and we will get through this.
IH: It was a band decision because it was felt it was necessary and relevant to the events ongoing
If you are planning to release an album, how does this single relate to the rest of the album?
SL: The album will reprogram people’s mind to think in a positive space. A positive mind with yourself
and others is a true way of living. To be badass! To stand up for yourself! To spread love, give love and
receive love and since America is where we are based out of, we need to start here.
AR: Here’s most of the Album, Subliminal Manipulation by song. “AMERICA” Be the “BOSS” of your own
life, Its time to “STAND UP”. Don’t be “FOR SALE” because “HEY FRIEND”, “WHAT IS LOVE”? Now read
that back.
IH: Every song has their own individual message and strength.
As a band, what was the writing process for the song like?
SL: Well usually Adrian or Ivan will come up with a melodic line and then I could hear the lyrics. I can
hear the lyrics in my mind and how they would affect others. I also make sure that we make music that
empowers because I wish I heard music when I was younger that would help me stand up for myself.
AR: Oh for me it was the easiest thing in the world. I got in the train, took a two hour trip, showed up at
the studio and I find out the song was already written when I got there. All I had to do was learn it.
IH: I was not in the band during the time of the recording.
What does this song’s lyric mean to you?
SL: It means that we have to learn from the past to make a better future FOR EVERYONE. No more
shaming people because of their choices or way of life. We must learn to be open and full of love for
everyone to create a better future. This song is a declaration “YES I AM AN AMERICAN,SO WHAT YOU
GONNA DO,” WE ARE HERE! We are creating the difference! No more people losing their lives because
all they see if differences with each other. No more being verbally abusive and not seeing the effect on
people. It’s time to LOVE!
AR: If we let go of the idea that we are strangers to each other in this life, and we begin to realize that
we are all one, we can withstand the struggle, and we can create the future we deserve.
IH: They mean power, unity, and overcoming adversity.
What is it like to see Quantum Split live, in person, performing this song?
SL: To see Quantum Split perform is rejuvenating that energy that keeps you fighting one more day.Whether it’s for your dreams, your family, for friends, for love and everything else. I want people to feel
motivated to BE YOURSELF! ACCEPT AND LOVE OTHERS! When you see QS I promise you that you are
witnessing people who have accepted and love each other no matter what.
AR: When we play this song live people know exactly what time it is. Consider looking at the phases of a
storm, as it creeps in and then rages and ravages and finally sets into a calm. Trust me, I grew up
watching storms all day in DR.
IH: One hell of a ride I’d say.
Could your fans summarize who you all are as a band by this song?
SL: You could. But that’s very limited. We have songs that touch a lot of personal subjects. We have
songs that remind you of your friend you haven’t spoken to in God knows how long. A song that says
DONT BE FOR SALE! Never give up your dreams and who you are for no one.
AR: I hope so. We’ve suffered, we’ve been hurt, we’ve been put down and we’ve been defeated before.
But we have never given up, and today we stand as we are and if you can’t hear that through this song,
all I can do is shake my head.
IH: They’d have to check the other songs as well. We have many great other songs that speaks about
us as well as the people.
How long have you guys been together?
SL: We have been a band for almost 4 years now.
AR: Too long. I think we are starting to look like each other for real.
IH: Currently almost 4 years.
How did the band form?
SL: We formed all through finding each other on social media. We all want to impact the world! We all
want to embrace our inner rockstars and who we are. So we clicked.
AR: Soleil had the bright idea of starting a rockband after she didn’t want to sing one more R&B hook. So
she got on social media and typed in “hot rockstar boys” on her computer and we pop up first. The rest
is history.
IH: Mostly social media. That’s how they found me.
One last question, what is the motivation behind the band and the music produced?
SL: The motivation is for people to stop HATING! TO STAND UP FOR YOURSELF! STAND UP FOR OTHERS.
Our motivation is to spread our message. To become the legends that truly transformed the world.
AR: The motivation behind the band is to have a message to bring to the people and we plan on getting
that message heard by every person on this planet and if there’s people on Mars, they’re gonna hear it
too. It is not easy to stand at times. But if you stand with us, we will carry each other to a better
IH: The drive to follow our dreams and see them become reality.

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