Check out brand new single from Sha Sha, entitled Ha-Lay-Lu.
Why did you select Ha-Lay-Lu as your 1st single?
In today events, there is a growing number of violence, crime and death. I wanted to create a song that brought back joy. A song that gives people hope and a reason to dance again. To bring Gods joy back to the world.
How does this song “HA-LAY-LU” relate to the rest of the EP?
It’s the song that brings that burst of life and high energy. Though every song is very different, this one compared to the rest is very uplifting.
What was the writing process for this song?
I wrote the song in 12 mins. The moment my producer sent me the music, i was so excited and the lyrics came flowing out of me.
What does the song lyrics mean to you?
Anyone can get their joy back, when they learn to give God Praise. Ha-LAY-LU IS my abbreviation of the word Hallelujah. Hallelujah means highest praise. The bible has a scripture “when praise go up, blessing come down” So I’ve learn to give God praise in the mist of my storms, because my blessing is on the way.
What would it be like to see you perform this song in person?
I would say, high energy, definitely a praise party.
Could your friends summarize who you are as an artist by this song?
Most definable you can tell I am energetic and love to have fun. They also can tell my music and lifestyle is Christ centered.
Is there a video planned?
At this time no video is being planned yet.
What is your motivation behind your music?
To inspire and empower.


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