GOSI Model: Marysa


Please give a background on who you are and why you think modeling is the path for you.

I was always the girl who was made fun of in grade/middle school. I was never “pretty, tall, cool” or “funny” enough for anyone. My self-esteem was super low. Once I grew out of my awkward stage, I found modeling and loved it. It was so much fun for me. I met dozens of wonderful people and made many friends. I think modeling is the path for me because it helped mold me into who I am today. I am more outgoing and I believe that I have come out of both my shell and comfort zone. I feel as though I am more spontaneous and willing to try different things. It is also something that I have grown to love. Modeling has also introduced me to and sparked my interest in fashion, too.

What do you think appeals to a women the most when listen to a song (voice, lyrics, and or instrumental) and why?

When I listen to a song, I think it is a mix between instrumental and voice. Once those to aspects draw me in, I can really listen to what the artist is saying. But those two have to catch my attention first.

What type of music are you willing to spend your hard earned money on?
Anything I can dance to!!

At this magazine we feel that women are the driving force behind most strong lyrics in music, and thus the reason why most trends in music are created? do you agree and why?

I agree. Even if a song doesn’t blatantly come right out and say it, lyrics can be created by the feelings sparked by love. Love can bring a lot of out of a person.

What music makes you move?

I love hip-hop….but I also like to work out to ACDC….80s rock. I am pretty well-rounded. I honestly love everything. Right now, I love anything by Florence and the Machine. My favorite song is Stereo Love by Edward MyaVika Jigulina.

What do you feel you will have to do in modeling to make you feel you have made it?
Being a part of GOSI! But, I have felt accomplished since my very first photo shoot back in 2009.

 If you made it to your dreams what would you do to give back to other models?

I would help any aspiring model reach THEIR dreams. In any way I possibly could.

What makes a women beautiful?
Personality and strength

What are your best qualities?

I think that I am pretty positive? Even though I am sometimes shy, I try to put myself out there and be outgoing. I am always up for new things and never give up.







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