GOSI Model: Erica Stevenson

Please give a background on who you are and why you think modeling is the path for you.
My name is Erica Stevenson and I am a 19 year old girl chasing my dreams.  I am from the amazing Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and attend Duquesne University as a full time student.  My main goal to reach is to become a Lawyer and help change the world.  I am a very determined, motivated, driven, competitive individual.  I love competition as well as a challenge.  I realize that nothing in life is easy, therefore, I work very hard and am a strong believer.  My reputation and self-image means absolutely everything to me.  My mother is my closest friend, without her I would not be the woman that I am.  My family and friends mean the world to me, as well as my dog.  I drive a Black and Yellow Mustang that I am head over heels in love with.  I have played various sports in high school including soccer, track, cup soccer, and cheerleading.  Ive participated in pageants since I was about two years old and have loved being in front of the camera ever since.  I had to put modeling to the side in high school because of my busy athletic routines.  Just about two years ago I decided to pick it back up and continue my dream.  I have modeled for an agency, a clothing line, restaurants, and have done a ton of promotional work.  I am ready to further this and keep going.
What do you think appeals to a women the most when listen to a song (voice, lyrics,and or instrumental) and why?
I would have to say definitely the lyrics.  Women are very emotional and the words in a song may change and or effect that emotion.  It may take a voice to capture attention to the song, but the lyrics create its deeper meaning.

What type of music are you willing to spend your hard earned money on?


I really do not spend money on music, but my favorite music is definitely hip hop and r&b.  I love to dance and sing, as well as have fun.  Music truly is apart of everyday life, I don’t know where I would be without it.

At this magazine, we feel that women are the driving force behind most strong lyrics in music, and thus the reason why most trends in music are created? do you agree and why?
I do agree.  As I stated in question number two, the lyrics behind music and a song is what truly creates the meaning.  This is what captures a ladies mind, thoughts, and heart.  This is also how trends begin being that an individual creates his or her idea, and somebody uses these ideas to add more.  Music is amazing.
What music makes you move?
The music that makes me move the most is hip hop and r&b.  They motivate me extremely and have such amazing meaningful lyrics.  I learn from music.
What do you feel you will have to do in modeling to make you feel you have made it?
I want to go above and beyond with my modeling.  I will never give up and I will constantly strive to be the best at anything I choose to become.  One day I hope to see my pictures in various magazine, billboards, television, etc.  I will keep chasing my dream until I succeed with it!
 If you made it to your dreams what would you do to give back to other models?
If I have made my dreams I would do anything and everything to return the favor and give it back to somebody else.  I am a giver not a receiver.  I am always the advice provider and motivator towards my friends.  I will go to the ends to help a specific person achieve what his or her dreams are.  I would work everyday with a certain individual motivating and providing advice to help he or she become the person she wanted and needed to be.  I would help physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially.
What makes a women beautiful?
In my opinion, many assets make a woman beautiful.  The most important assets to me as a woman in life include reputation self-image, respect, class, and motivation.  A woman must always hold a clean reputation with a beautiful self image.  One has to care.  A lady should have class, respect, and motivation.  These assets are crucial to succeeding in not only life, but as a woman as well.
What are your best qualities?
I believe my best qualities are my motivation, determination, and drive.  Also, my honesty and work ethic.  I am flamboyant and extremely unique.  I have an amazing personality and my goal is to always succeed.

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