GOSI Model: Danielle

Please give a background on who you are and why you think modeling is the path for you.
I’m from the small town of Ligonier and in 2007 moved to Pittsburgh for college (PITT). The change was a bit shocking but I was approached by several people regarding modeling and figured that since my mother was a pageant winner I would give it a try, and I fell in love. Modeling lets me express myself, which brings me true happiness. For those reasons I am passionate about modeling and that is the reason it is the path for me.
What do you think appeals to a women the most when listen to a song (voice, lyrics, and or instrumental) and why?
I feel that the instrumental part of a song is what appeals to women. Music preference changes depending on how the day is going, what is being done, etc., so someone may want an upbeat song or a slow song.
What type of music are you willing to spend your hard earned money on?
I listen to everything so it’d depend on what I was doing. If I was relaxing I’d spend money to listen to Michael Buble but, if I were working out I’d spend it on hip hop and rock.
At this magazine we feel that women are the driving force behind most strong lyrics in music, and thus the reason why most trends in music are created? do you agree and why?
Women are more empathetic, and full of emotions than men. I feel that strong lyrics need to relate to and appeal to a large audience, which is why women are the backbone to musical trends.
What music makes you move?
If you mean move as in get up and dance I’d have to say salsa music or rap/ hip hop.
What do you feel you will have to do in modeling to make you feel you have made it?
When I am able to solely do modeling to make my living then I will feel like I have made it because I’d be able to do what I love every day.
If you made it to your dreams what would you do to give back to other models?
If I make it to my dreams of becoming a professional model I would do my best to be the best role model possible for young models. I feel that it’s important for them to know that they don’t have to fit into a certain mold to feel beautiful or become a model. Women are the most beautiful when they are themselves because each one of us brings something unique to the table.
What makes a women beautiful?
Id have to say that when women outwardly show that they are happy by laughing or smiling, that is when they are the most beautiful.
What are your best qualities?
My best qualities I’d have to say are that I am very easy going, I have a strong work ethic, and I have a sense of humor. However, many of my friends say that my best quality is that I am selfless – I enjoy making others happy and helping people.
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