GOSI Model: Damaris

I have been modeling for a few years, but have always loved dressing up and trying to recreate amazing ads in magazines. I think lingerie/promotional modeling is the path for me because I can translate my enthusiasm for brands into my emotions in print and in person.
What do you think appeals to a women the most when listen to a song (voice, lyrics,and or instrumental) and why?
I would say that the instrumentals are always going to be the first and foremost aspect of a song that appeals to women. A beat will get you moving before you even notice the words!
What type of music are you willing to spend your hard earned money on?
Only music for artists that I like enough to go see in person, like Eminem, The All American Rejects, and Linkin Park. Artists that actually tour the cities and care about their fans. I always buy cds at shows because I know they get more of the money then when you buy them from a 3rd party.
At this magazine we feel that women are the driving force behind most strong lyrics in music, and thus the reason why most trends in music are created? do you agree and why?
I would say that women cause a lot of falling in love, heartbreak, and are also singers so they are inspiring themselves and others to create strong lyrics. I would probably say it depends on the type of music though.
What music makes you move?
I love love love Hip Hop and Spanish Rap. Pitbull is my favorite artist to hear in the club! Love dancing to those beats!
What do you feel you will have to do in modeling to make you feel you have made it?
I feel that when photographers, models, and people that hire models (brands, businesses) respect my opinion on models and aspects of the industry, that I will have made it.
If you made it to your dreams what would you do to give back to other models?
I would make sure that price was not an option for aspiring models who need the photos and transportation to apply for potential jobs.
What makes a women beautiful?
A gracious and classy attitude is what makes a woman beautiful.
What are your best qualities?
My humbleness and appreciation for the opportunities that people have given me in the industry.
Please add anything else you feel will help people be more interested in you.
Along with being a member of the Girls of the Service Industry (GOSI) I am the Promotional Model Manager for the Clique Vodka Promo Models. The service industry is where I am at home, whether bartending, promoting, or modeling. If you are at a bar, I want to make sure you are having a great time!!!
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