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Martin Schloegl of Xumbalu sent us his track ‘Es Tiempo’ recently. Martin is German but is fluent in English and Spanish. The song resonates from his experiences in Bolivia a few years ago.
You have a wide ‘life’ experience. What is your philosophy in life?
Have you ever wondered why life is often so serious, why some things hit us so hard, why so few people run around smiling and enjoying life?
My theory: we see life too serious.
My practice: see life as one big game and play.
Your project, Xumbalu, how did that get started?
What started as a body music project became one big game of music embracing instruments and languages from all over the world, composing, songwriting, performing and especially enjoying the whole process along the way.
You mention that Xumbalu is the ‘play of music’. What do you mean?
Why playing? I love to view life as one big game. In this game everyone is an actor on a stage or a playground, has his different roles and wears his different costumes depending on the occasion.
My personal playground is the music and it makes me happy to invite other people to my game just as much as I am excited to be invited to other playgrounds and games. For me life is all about mutual inspiration, respect and unconditional love.
So, how can Xumbalu benefit people?
From my point of view by giving as much as we can of what we enjoy doing most and are best at.
Every creature on this planet is exceptionally good at something although not everyone may be aware of his exceptional skills.
And everyone’s life is valuable. It is important to know how valuable we are and see ourselves. The more value and appreciation and love we show to ourselves the more value all our actions have.
So let’s do some math: exceptionally good at something + high-value actions = pure bliss!
How does music affect you personally?
My bliss is the music. It’s what I love most and where my heart opens like a bottle of champagne –sparkling, sheer joy. It is the best communication tool ever and my lifesaver.
I know that you have another track coming very soon? Will you continue to write songs in Spanish as well?
Yes most definitely, I love the expression that the Spanish language can impart in music. I will keep you posted as the new track is about to be released. You can also see a video of ‘Es Tiempo’ on Youtube.
Welcome to Xumbalu, welcome to a playground full of music, welcome to a world which is not only about music but where everything is embedded in music. Inspired?

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