Music: G&C, "Live For Today"

Billy Gunns and Curt B, also known as [G&C] released their first single “Live For Today” in January of 2012. The smash single has gained exceptional feedback at every live show they’ve performed it at and has become a crowd favorite. It’s energetic, fast paced, and raw Hip Hop style has literally influenced fans enough to get on stage and jump around with [G&C]. “Live For Today” is about not worrying what tomorrow will bring, for no one knows what the future holds.The title pretty much speaks for itself. This is the first single off of the up and coming “untitled” album. There is no official release date yet, however the [G&C] album will definitely drop in 2012. Gunns and Curt are also in the process of working with a live band on a separate project. They plan on putting together a mini tour, with the live band playing behind them performing songs from both, their album and their separate project with the band.

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