Music: Frzy – Flying High (Teaser)

The Single is called Flying High ft. Nicoletta

Produced By: MDT The Beast

Why did you select this song as your single?
I selected this song as my single because it said so much. It inspires and is uplifting while still telling the story of the rise of and the present of my career! To me it covers all stand points for the lyrical people I give them creative wordplay punchlines and metaphor’s. For production heads MDT The Beast gives them amazing instrumentation and for old school hip hop heads we bring in the old Nina Simone sample to show we respect where real music has come from and we plan on taking that into where its going. Plus with Nicoletta on the hook her sound and presents took the song to a level i couldn’t on my own. Shes like the pages to the story I’m telling.
What was the writing process for this song? 
The writing process for this song to me was epic! I really took my time with this one I really wanted to make sure every word that came out of my mouth was something special. I wanted every verse to take you higher and higher as the song built. DJ Wonderboy originally gave me the beat and had let me know how special it was to MDT and himself and the direction they wanted the song too go and the idea behind it. Now usually I come up with my own concepts and structure for the song. But hearing what they had planned and the idea they had painted such a vivid picture for me I couldn’t question it! It was perfect. I took a few days to just listen to the beat begin to structure the verse in my head day by day. Sat down and pieced them together. When I wrote the hook I knew Nicoletta had to be the one to sing it there was no other choice in my head.
What does this song mean to you?
This song means alot to me, like Probably top 3 favorite songs I’ve ever written. Some people with in my camp say that the first verse on that song is my best yet! I have hundreds of songs Hundreds but this one stands on its own. As everything came together it just felt like it was meant to be. If anyone was to ask who is Frzy what is Frzy abt? I would give them this song! If I died today I wouldnt mind this song being my legacy.
How does this song relate to the rest of the album?
It relates to the rest of the album perfectly. I consider this song as the Blue Print to the album its my first single it’s me showing u, giving u a peak at what the album is gonna look like at the end. You can see what I’m building the direction im going in, the structure. This is my first album, this is really seriously my first impression on the game Collectively. Like with a whole body of work and I mean I’ve had Mixtapes, Features and all that so people know me and who I am and where I’m coming from. But to make a album to tell that type of story is serious! Like Flying High to me lets them know I’m going for Timeless Im going for Classic I’m going for that Grammy. I could have released a booty shaking song or a club banger first and had everyone shaking and bouncing but I’d rather have everyone listening. I mean that’s what music is for right to be listened to everything else comes after that!
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