Music: Feel by These Lions

-Why did you choose Feel as a single?
We actually wrote this song at the tail end our first album, “One.” As a band, we decided at that point that it would be on the second album, but were really excited about it and knew it would be the first single. Very seldom does it work out that the first track you write for the album is the single, but “Feel” was one of those songs where we finished it, played it through, and looked at each other just knowing this was the one. It has great energy and a  catchy melody that just grabs you when you listen to it.
What was the writing process like for it?
Like most of our songs, we wrote this one when we came together on just acoustic guitars to run ideas by each other. After a few sessions of working on the different parts of the songs and melody ideas, we put a rough structure together and then brought it to full band rehearsal. Once we were able to hear the parts with the full band, we were able to tweak and change it a bit to make things work. Also we were able to have full band input and had the ability to just try some different things and make the song what it is now.
What does the song mean to you all on your climb to the top?
It means a lot because it shows our progress and the hope that we will continuously get better as we grow as a band, both in writing abilities and musicality. We think this song is showcasing just how we are changing and finding our identity. We couldn’t be happier and more proud of what we have been able to put together. We are also very excited at how much support the Pittsburgh community and our fans outside of Pittsburgh are really standing behind us and supporting our music. Pittsburgh’s rock station, 105.9 The X, is starting to play “Feel” as of Friday March 23. We are very thankful. The fans mean everything to us; without them, none of this would be possible. We are really looking forward to hitting the east coast this June and July to meet as many fans as possible while sharing the music with more and more people.

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