Fashion: Michael Kors Spring-Summer 2015 Show Replay


Michael Kors is pleased to announce the launch of its ALL ACCESS KORS microsite in anticipation of the Spring 2015 runway show. The immersive digital viewing experience, enhanced and expanded this season, will offer viewers premium access to the runway show being held at Spring Studios in New York City on September 10 at 10 AM (EDT).

“I love that we’re able to share the fashion, the energy and the excitement of our runway show with viewers around the globe,” says Kors. “Every season we explore ways to make the experience even more engaging. This year we’re adding amazing content to the microsite both during and after the show to bring the collection closer than ever before.”

Every season we explore ways to make the experience even more engaging, said Kors.

Leading up to show day, users can “RSVP” on, adding an event reminder to their personal digital calendars. On September 10 the live stream, also viewable on mobile and tablet devices, will begin at 10 AM (EDT). Additional images of selected looks, with a special focus on accessories, will be added to the microsite post-show, creating a richly detailed perspective of the runway. Throughout that day and following, fashion- and show-related content—behind-the-scenes photographs, in-depth stories about design inspirations and runway accessories, video of the show—will be added to Destination Kors, the brand’s editorial hub for all things Michael Kors.

To integrate the brand’s industry-leading social followings on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, live feeds will be incorporated directly into the microsite’s interface, allowing users to share show-relevant content in real time. Comments, images and videos will be aggregated using the tags #AllAccessKors and #MichaelKors.

Also new this year is an innovative, customizable campaign on the China-based social platform Weixin and WeChat. The campaign will go live 6 days prior to the show, inviting the Weixin and WeChat audience into Michael Kors’ All Access Kors creative experience (a stylized take on the New York City skyline). Users will be able to create their own, personalized All Access Kors imagery by inputting their name, uploading a photo or taking a selfie that then becomes a bold, graphic silhouette containing the New York City skyline. Shaking the phone or swiping the screen reveals different silhouettes and changing city angles. Michael Kors will also livestream the entire runway show on Weixin and WeChat, giving the audience mobile access to the live show. Search for “Michael Kors” on Weixin and WeChat.

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Search for “Michael Kors” on Weixin and WeChat
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