Fashion: Kendall Jenner

Kendall JennerThe up and coming Kardashian tribe sibling, is all grow’d up, KENDALL JENNER, 18 now. Check out Kendall as she attended the 2014 MUCH MUSIC Video Awards in Toronto, Canada. Kendall is ultrachic in this FAUSTO PUGLISI, waist-high thigh splits with gold and silver embellishments.

Well, of course controversy surrounds the aspiring models dress. She is 18, old enough to move out, and make her own choices; however, the dress exposes her pelvic bones. Sources say, it seems she is taking after her older sisters creating buzz about her fashion sense.

Kendall reportedly tweeted, “Why do one split when you can do TWO?! Kendall is DEFINITELY evolving into her own! She is stealing the show and looks absolutely stunning in this custom couture design.

Here at FASHION CURVEtv, we are rooting for you Kendall! And we want you continue to blossom into positively and beautifully,  inside and out…

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