Fashion: Google hopes fashion expertise will give “GLASS” a boost…

glassesAS OF MAY 19TH 2014, IVY ROSS, will work miracles to make Googles “GLASS” socially acceptable and turn the pair into a mainstream product. 
“GLASS” – “Designed for those who move”. Eye-wear that records and takes photos while one is on the go.
IVY ROSS, previously worked for, Calvin Klein, Mattel and Gap, among others. She was lead designer at Bausch & Lomb, one of the world’s largest suppliers of eye health products. Ross, hope to answer “Audacious questions” and feels Google Glass is “especially cool”
SHANEKA: GOOGLE GLASS went on sale for one day in April year at $1,500 per pair. The mixed reviews are amazing. Most feel the pair makes people look nerdy, creepy and no one likes the fact that anyone wearing these glasses can actually film and take pics at their whimsy!! I DEFINITELY do not like that!!
 DIAMUND: Yes, people have even been attacked for wearing them in In public places due to invasion of privacy. While GOOGLE GLASS Is innovative only time will tell if these will be a true hit. Word has It they have already been released to medical students and people With visual issues, which I believe should be the first go round. ULTIMATELY, TIME WILL TELL! We will revisit this product on Fashion Curve!



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