Faded Fest 2012: Wrap Up

A short video from Faded Fest 2012

One of the largest local shows ever to hit Pittsburgh is returning August 25th at it’s original home in Station Square! Faded Fest is an enormous all-ages Pittsburgh showcase featuring over 80 local artists, bands, DJs, designers and more!
The event is now 6 years in the making and continuing to rapidly grow! This year, Faded Fest will take place in the Station Square complex utilizing Saddle Ridge, Barroom, and the newest venue, Beach Club. 80+ Acts all performing 1 day under 1 roof!
Pittsburgh is full of so many great and talented artists, Faded Fest brings together all different local genres of music and artists and fuse them all together into one huge local showcase. Faded Fest serves as a great way to gain exposure and be introduced to many new fans!


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