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Tripp Denom or his alter ego Uncle TD is an artist. His talents include rapping, singing, producing and visual arts. With roots in the Deep South and residing in the SF Bay Area his music has influence from many different artists and producers to create a once in a lifetime sound.

“Stoner Indie” is the self proclaimed genre in which he operates.  His music is a natural blend of Hip-Hop and R&B and Funk with nodes of style from multiple genres. His tracks have a sense of longevity, the type of music that you can keep coming back to and it will mean something different every time.  “Stoner Indie” is best described as smooth yet sometimes upbeat music that incorporates stoner culture and life.

Not only is Tripp Denom a name but also a Mantra. It represents that which brings a person joy in life. Whatever it is that makes you feel at home while you are doing it is Your Tripp Denom. Weather that be music, art, photography, dancing, or writing code you should embrace your Tripp Denom and let it guide your decisions.

Check out Tripp Denom new single, “Tripp Denom,” and find out how it was put together.

Why did you select this song as your current single?
I felt like I wanted to put something a little bit more up tempo and fun out.
How does this single relate to the rest of the EP?
“The Funktional Addict E.P.” is a collection of snapshots of moments, a range of different emotions of how you feel at a given point in time, this song is portion of that. So, at certain times you feel like having fun and being a bit free with a lot of girls and you know that’s what the single is about that’s how it fits in its placement.
What was the writing process for this song?
I was recording in Colorado with Captain Atlanta and my engineer John Cheedle and one of my other producers, 4Dub Beatz, sent me a beat. And when he sent it to me it just started flowing. It was written on the spot and we recorded it at that moment.
What do the song’s lyrics mean to you?
Honestly, it’s a collection of different various types of women that I may have dealt with or encountered in my lifetime. It’s just me having a little fun with you know, those moments.
What would it be like to see you in person performing this song?
It would be a high experience. But Nah, I mean It’d be fun, You would get a performance that would be live, lit and full of energy.
Could your fans summarize who you are as an artist by using this song?
No. Again, music to me and a song is like a snapshot of a moment in time. You can’t really base an entire perception of an artist based upon one snapshot of a moment. There are many layers to any person so that wouldn’t be a fair assessment.
Is there a video planned or completed and if so what is the idea behind it?
We do have a video planned for the Remix. We have a remix in the works with Tommy Gunz a Hip Hop artist over in Germany. Not sure yet of exactly what we’re gonna do or how we’re gonna do it but there is a video in the works for at least the remix.
Last Question, hat is the motivation behind your music?
Music is everything to me. Other than music, good vibes, good times, good people is life to me, and that’s what’s reflected in my music. I smoke a lot so “stoner indie” is pretty much a reflection of me and people like me who like to have a good time and feel themselves and keep the drama and bull shit at a zero level.

Twitter & IG : @trippdenom
Upcoming Event:
“The Funktional Addict E.P.” Release Party 4/20/2017
Venue: feight
Where: San Francisco, CA
Event Link:

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